Buy One Canister or One Liter !!!

Affordable and effective.

Get one today and try for at least one month.

One canister only RM 165 ex Kuala Lumpur.

One liter of the Standard concentration is RM 300 ex Kuala Lumpur.

One liter of the double concentration is RM 600 ex Kuala Lumpur and

One liter of the triple concentration is RM 900 ex Kuala Lumpur.

Try to start with the canister and once proven move to the higher concentration formula !!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

What If We Make Two Reservoirs Of Super Pheromone On Our Fake Nests ???

I have been toying with this idea for quite some time.

Remember the BH with 2000++ nests where the owner used this bamboo cutting to form his perfume bottles hung as his perfume garden.

He was so happy with the outcome and until now he is still practicing that.

Every fake nest that is installed just beside the perfume bottle will soon be occupied with a nest.

While envying him with the beautiful results some thing strike my mind.

What if I come out with a fake nest that holds two reservoirs of pheromone on it?

Keep thinking about it but could not come out with the proper solution.

How do I open two reservoirs of perfume bottle on the fake nest which is just about 5"X1"X1"?

Today I finally find a solution.

What I used was those drinking straw, the larger size, and drill two holes just at the corner of the fake nests.

It looks something like this:

The reservoir can be filled up with pheromone using a filler bottle.

Will test the fake nest in a BH which is closed by.

If it works well will advise all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Application Of 3X Liquid Pheromone Directly Onto The Nesting Planks !!!

The test in applying of 3X liquid Pheromone is on the way.

I applied it onto a number of wooden nesting planks inside the VIP room of Rantau BH.

My main purpose is to see how the Rantau birds behave with the pheromone applied areas as compared to the rest with no smell.

The planks were properly selected and cleaned with mild salt water.

Once they were dried I applied a layer of the 3X liquid.

I let them dry and soon after tagged the planks with  red markers.

The birds response will be dependent on various factors and one of them is the specie.

Those specie that have a very sensitive nose will chose the applied planks to build their nests.

If they are from those specie that have the nose blocked problem will not react with the planks.

I know the pheromone is very effective with species of birds found in Sabah, Sarawak and Vietnam.

However birds from Peninsular Malaysia are not that easily tempted even with the 3X concentration.

All I need to do now is to monitor the bird shit spots count during my next visit into the BH.

So far the Rantau BH seems to show a remarkable response.

The number of birds visiting the entrance hole and playing above the BH seems to be very heavy as compared to other BHs nearby.

The BH owner and his wife looks very happy with the current activities.

My next planned visit will be about two months from the day that I moved out of the BH.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Started NKS Operation At Pantai Remis BH !!!

(NKS at Pantai Remis BH)

The first BH which I pushed the BH owner to participate in applying my NKS idea.

On the way to the BH I stopped at a hardware shop to purchase a piece of styrofoam (4'X2"x1"), phillip head screws (100), a knife and a screwdriver.

I arrived earlier than the owner so I started my preparation to cut the styrofoam into 5"X1"X1" shape.

I inserted two screws and put the ready fake nests into a box.

The moment the owner arrived I told him what I intended to do and he fully agreed with the whole plan.

We work as a team and he carried the ladder while I was with the box and a torchlight.

We started the search for fresh bird shit spots on the top floor and later move downstairs.

The moment we discovered he will lay the ladder just below the spot and I will climbed up to install.

He soon learn how easy it was and all the rest of the spots found he carry out the NKS operation.

After almost 45 minutes we managed to installed about 40 pieces or 20 spots.

Have a look at these pictures:

(One on the left)

(one on the right)

(Final thing to do is to spray the two fake nests with Pheromone)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Great News From Keningau (Sabah) and Bukit Besi (Trengganu) !!!

(It used to house about 250 birds but after 2-3 weeks it went up to 700 birds)

This Keningau guy nearly wanted to give up his BH but was lucky to discover the Super Pheromone and a bit of tuning his amplifiers.

Now he is more like having difficulties to sleep at night due to too many birds inside his BH.

This was his Whatsapp message:

"Pengalaman saya sebelum ini BH kami ada burung tapi tidak bertambah2 terlalu sikit yang tinggal sampai nak putus asa tapi saya rajun baca blog pak harry baca pengalaman pah harry dari situ sedikit2 ada  pengembangan samla la saya coba guna aroma pak harry dan yang paling bererti bagi saya tu pak harry sudi ajar saya setting surara betuls berkesan."

Translation: "My experience before was that our BH got some birds but not increasing and too little , nearly gave up but I read your blog regularly and learn from your field experiences and from there the number of birds started to climb especially after trying out your pheromone and the most fascinating about you is that your are ever ready to advise me on the proper setting of my sounds"

He is now arranging to purchase the 2X liquid pheromone and I told him that I do have stock with me.

The best message from him sound like this:

I asked him about the use of Super Pheromone that he purchased a few weeks back and how is it doing?

His answer precisely goes like this:  "Yup memang berkesan tambah lagi cara pak harry ajar setting suara luar dan dalam lagi effective sekarang burung banyak tinggal buat saya malam susah tidur ingat burung banyak ::-)"

Translation:  "Yes very effective and added to that the way you teach about the proepr setting of my external and internal sound very effective now and lots of birds are staying and this make it difficult for me to sleep at night thing about them ::-)"

I told him to continue using the pheromone but try to install more fake nests and apply with the pheromone.

My next very excited BH owner is this guy whose BH was recently revamped by me and my workers.

The one he was talking about was the first of the three.

I have been asking him about hows the three BH are doing.

He replied that he will ask his caretaker name Edi to check and come back to us.

Remember before my revamp plus the application of the super pheromone his total nests inside was bout 100 or about 250 birds staying.

This was his latest SMS message:   "Harry Edi counted approximate 700 birds entered Bukit Besi BH and will check Tok Dor BH today"

The number of birds staying now is about 3 times higher (300%) within about 2-3 weeks.

This is something that I termed as unusual and inspiring.

You need to learn from what I did and I am sure your will be able to improve those numbers soon.

Call me at 017 7551318 and order the pheromone.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A New Nest On The Rope Fake Nest !!!

During my recent trip to Sungai Rambai, Melaka I saw this new marking.

I quickly apply a layer of the super pheromone.

I am very sure that within the next two to three weeks it will be a fully formed nest.

 Have a good look at the saliva and feathers marking and you will fully agree with me.

Those who have not try the pheromone please try one.

Try to follow my ideas and I believed you will see more nests inside your BH in a very short period of time.

Call me at 017 7551318

Thursday, May 15, 2014

WeChat Message About 60% Nests Increase In Kuala Lipis !!!

(This wooden BH owner is switching to 3X concentration Liquid Pheromone.  He will be the first to use the latest concentration formula)

This message came yesterday May 15th 2015:

"Greeting Pak Harry, came back to you again.  The result of your music and pheromone are indeed useful and improvement was good.  During this 3 months of testing, improve was about 60%! Too bad that our external sound tweeters spoil many, now problem is fixed by replacement almost 10 tweeters.  Thank you so much Pak Harry."

I remember meeting him and his parent at Ampang Park Mac Donald about three months ago.

They wanted to test my Pheromone and a few new sounds.

I hope they continue my prescriptions.

This came via whatsapp message from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah:

"Hello Pak Harry, sorry for the late reply.  Just back from Papar last night. Spending my time there since Sartuday.  Looking foward to see you next month in KK.  I would like to test your latest 3X super pheromone liquid.  Give me a gallon."

Before you go further click on this:

I visited his BH about three month ago and I specifically wanted to show him how to apply the latest Super pheromone 2X liquid.

He complied and arranged for me to be at his BH somewhere in Papar.

I am sure after applying the liquid he got some positive results.

He is now asking for the higher concentration formula which I have just posted to him (4 liters).

I plan to follow up with him on his progress and it would be nice to see how those birds react to the new formula.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Super Pheromone 2X & 3X In 2 Liters Container !!!

If you have tried the standard concentration super pheromone may be it is time to move to a higher concentration.

I have conducted field test using both the 2X and 3X concentration and they are simply amazing.

I usually apply them on those fake nests used during the NKS operation.

NKS is a short word for Nest Kick Start operation.

This is something that every new BH owner should carry out during their every visit to their BH.

Get those fake nests with two screws each ready, at least 20-30 pieces, and bring along a pheromone liquid.

The moment you see those fresh bird shit markings on the floor of your BH, climb up to the spot they are staying.

You then install at least one just below the spot where they stayed.

Once that is done try to apply liquid pheromone on the fake nest.

This special method will help you to accelerate those birds in building their nests and become your permanent tenants.

The key attraction will be those fake nests sprayed with super pheromone.

If you wish to further accelerate their nest making use the higher concentration.

I have now the standard concentration, the 2 times concentration and the 3 times concentration.

I term them as standard, 2X and 3X for easy to order purposes.

Beside applying onto those fake nests you might also want to look into applying directly onto those nesting planks.

All you need to do is to choose the most appropriate plank in your VIP room, clean it with salt water and once dried apply the pheromone liquid onto the plank using brush.

If you continue applying this pheromone you will soon see that more and more nests will be in your BH.

There is no short cut in this swiftlet farming but if you know some of these newly discovered idea you can get more from your BH.

If you are keen to try call me at 017 7551318.

This range of pheromone is very effective in Vietnam, Sabah and Sarawak.

For Peninsular Malaysia you need to use the 2X and 3X to see better results.